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19/12/16 / news

2017 – A Year of Maturity for Tech Providers


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In 2017, we expect the advertising & marketing technology companies to accelerate much more their outreach with marketers as they seek to establish deeper, more ‘institutional’ relationships.

Taking dmexco 2016 as a barometer, this sector still has a way to go with too much pontificating about ‘speeds and feeds’ and not enough on use cases, ROI and how to actually deliver effective deployment.  For marketers, it makes this community very hard to engage with and is therefore proving a crucial obstacle to growth.

Technology is not the silver bullet so there needs to be much more sensitivity shown by the technology community in respect of the challenges marketers are facing. For example, the reality of decentralised organisational structures, legacy ways of working, hybrid agency models, imperfect data, talent gaps etc etc – all of which require careful consideration and deciphering before implementing any solution.

For advertising & marketing technology companies in 2017, we believe they should focus on the following:

1. Focus more on ROI than product features

2. Be realistic with implementation and identify potential blockers/obstacles up front

3. Drive value (and therefore adoption) as early as possible through effective proof of concept testing

4. Take the time to understand the brands organisational structure and supporting agency model

5. Make it easy to buy!


Ryan Kangisser is managing partner at Stack I/O, the advertising and marketing technology consultancy designed to support brands through data and technology driven acceleration. For more information, get in touch: