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19/12/16 / news

2017 – A Year of Reflection for Agencies


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We expect 2017 to be a year of reflection for media agencies as they address head on growing questions over the future of their current model and associated interdependencies.  In the face of stiff competition from all corners of the industry, the challenge will be to demonstrate why they are best placed to lead their clients to achieve a world of dynamic, data-driven, one-to-one communications.

Core to this challenge will be a shift in their ways of working and we believe the following list is a good place to start:

1. Being much more open in how they think, act, do

2. Helping to fill, rather than exploit client knowledge gaps

3. Creating utility, not dependency

4. Acknowledging agency’s own limitations and knowing when to use the wider agency network effectively (“horizontality”)

5. Thinking in terms of ‘proof of concept’ first before full deployment – particularly in relation to technology

 6. Encouraging and facilitating more open dialogues between their clients and relevant technology & media providers

7. Working much more collaboratively with external agencies and internal client teams to ensure seamless integration of the paid, earned & owned ecosystem


Ryan Kangisser is managing partner at Stack I/O, the advertising and marketing technology consultancy designed to support brands through data and technology driven acceleration. For more information, get in touch: