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06/10/16 / news

Martin Brown speaks at Mediatel’s Automated Trading Debate


First featured in  Mediatel

Stack I/O’s managing partner Martin Brown joined a panel of speakers from The Guardian, VCCP and Fetch at Mediatel’s Automated Trading Debate. The biggest revelations came from The Guardian; Hamish Nicklin, chief revenue officer disclosing the media owner only receives 30 pence of every pound spent programmatically.

“There are so many different players taking a little cut here, a little cut there – and sometimes a very big cut. A lot of the money that [advertisers] think they are giving to premium publishers is not actually getting to us.”

Martin Brown, highlighted the reason for this problem. “All tech companies do a certain variation of one small part of the programmatic supply chain and it’s incredibly difficult to navigate your way through it,” he said.

The complexity of the market “makes life very difficult for marketers and we’re getting to this stage now where less and less dollars are actually going on working media, and that’s a major challenge because the idea is to simplify efficiency and effectiveness and we’re actually going the other way.”

Martin Brown is managing partner at Stack I/O, the advertising and marketing technology consultancy designed to support brands through data and technology driven acceleration. For more information, get in touch: