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STACK I/O and Transparent Media Partners announce Trans-Atlantic strategic alliance

STACK I/O and Transparent Media Partners have today announced a strategic alliance to help brands unlock the full potential of advertising and marketing technology, and to ensure transparency across their media supply chain.

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24/10/17 / news

Digital Measurement & Quality Issues and their Impact on Agencies & Media Owners

Advertising fraud is still an industry-wide issue and a concern for many brands. Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner, was interviewed by Liberum on what the implications are for the industry.

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04/07/17 / news

The world’s first Cost Per Second platform – Q&A with Marc Guldimann, Parsec

In the latest of our Q&A series, we are joined by Marc Guldimann, CEO & Founder of Parsec, the world’s first Cost Per Second platform for mobile.

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21/06/17 / press

YouTube Wins Back Some Marketers After Ad Uproar, but Others Stay Away

“I think brands like giving Google a bloody nose as they have been so reliant and plowed so much money” into the company. Ryan Kangisser, Stack I/O founder features in the Wall Street Journal on the tug-of-war between brands and YouTube, with some electing to return and others still showing concerns with the platform.

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02/05/17 / news

The role of the in-house Marketing Technologist – Q&A with Rebekah Kennedy, Heineken

For our latest Q&A, we are delighted to welcome Rebekah Kennedy, Marketing Technology Manager at Heineken who talks to Ryan Kangisser about the role of the in-house Marketing Technologist, and what our industry can learn from this critical capability which is becoming more pronounced within certain brands.

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26/04/17 / news

Deconstructing: Moat Acquired by Oracle

Oracle’s recent Moat acquisition goes under the microscope this week, drawing conclusions on why they have purchased the third-party verification vendor.

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18/04/17 / news

Deconstructing: Data Management Platforms (DMP) and the Benefits of Identity Management

The latest in the deconstructing series looks at identity management, how it is used to create more personalised experiences and the benefits for marketers using the platforms.

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12/04/17 / news

Creating programmatic events that engage – Q&A with Nick Hendry

This week, we are pleased to welcome Nick Hendry, Senior Conference Producer at WBR and creator of Europe’s largest senior-level programmatic marketing conference, The Programmatic Pioneers Summit. We invited Nick to share his views on the industry’s unwavering appetite for programmatic education, and what it is like curating an event at a time where programmatic has reached front page news.

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31/03/17 / news

Deconstructing: Video Discovery Start-up MightyTV Acquired by Spotify

In the latest of Spotify’s acquistions, we deconstruct the recent MightyTV deal and draw conclusions as to what it means to both companies and the industry as a whole.

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29/03/17 / news

Deconstructing: The Teads Acquisition by Altice

Another day, another adtech vendor consolidated into a giant telecom’s technology stack. The $308 million acquisition of Teads by Altice is set to close around the middle of the year, here’s what you need to know about it.

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23/03/17 / news

The Great Google Fallout

“Brands and agencies alike have become increasingly frustrated with how technology companies have insisted on ‘marking their own homework’ and allowed brand safety standards to slip.” As pressure mounts on Google over recent brand safety issues, we break down what the implications for the industry, the brands that are considering their position and the stance of media agencies.

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22/03/17 / news

The real motivations behind the growing YouTube advertiser boycott

“As far as agencies are concerned, I think this recent storm has helped to shift attention away from the ongoing transparency and brand safety concerns — related to their own programmatic offerings — and allowed them to reinstate their position as gatekeepers by holding Google much closer to account. It is also a good opportunity to show leadership as well as create differentiation in the measures they are putting in place to mitigate the prevailing issues around brand safety and fraud.” As featured in Business Insider, Ryan Kangisser gives his views on the real reasons brands are moving away from Google.

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22/03/17 / news

Building an in-house trading desk for FMCG – Q&A with Michael Greene

In the latest of our Stack Q&A series, we continue the theme of in-housing and welcome this week Michael Greene, VP, Product Strategy at Audience Science, a leading programmatic technology platform. Michael shares his thoughts on programmatic in-housing, drawing on his experiences working with a major global FMCG brand to create their very own in-house model.

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15/03/17 / news

Trust, transparency and the future of media research

“We could start with an industry-agreed definition of what ‘transparency’ actually means – certainly across the digital space.” Martin Brown, managing partner of Stack I/O, speaks at Mediatel’s Future of Media Research Conference on the trust and transparency issues within media.

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08/03/17 / news

The battle for in-house talent – Q&A with Neil Middlemass

We are delighted to welcome to our latest Q&A series, leading in-house talent acquisition specialist Neil Middlemass, who talks to Ryan Kangisser about one of the most hotly debated topics in the industry, insourcing, and specifically the emergence of in-house programmatic trading desks. In this interview, Neil shares his unique perspective on how this trend has manifested, and some learnings from those who are on that journey.

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24/02/17 / news

Deconstructing: The Turn acquisition by Singtel

Amobee, the advertising and data division of SingTel, one of Asia’s largest telcos, have announced their acquisition of Turn for US$310 million. We deconstruct the key facts of the deal and what importance it brings to the industy.

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23/02/17 / news

Deconstructing: What is GDPR?

In our #deconstructing series we look at the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the implications of the legislation and the preparation needed to be GDPR compliant.

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17/02/17 / news

Stack Q&A…Ad Fraud

Leading expert and commentator on ad fraud, Shailin Dhar from The Dhar Method talks to Ryan Kangisser, Founder of Stack I/O about the recent ANA report, the immediate challenges facing the industry, and most importantly what brands can do now to tackle ad fraud.

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16/02/17 / news

Facing Up to a Crisis of Confidence: Where do Brands, Agencies & Tech Companies Go From Here?

The very public ‘Big brands fund terror’ investigation in The Times has shaken the media industry once again, but rather than talking around the issues and worry about them shouldn’t we be tackling them? Ryan Kangisser reveals how brands need to not only acknowledge the problem, but the steps needed to take to tackle this crisis of confidence.

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15/02/17 / press

It’s True, Brand Safety is a Huge Issue, But Don’t Place All the Blame on the Agencies

“As an industry, we’re great at focusing on metrics that show our campaign is working. We’re not wired to focus on the bad, which doesn’t address this crisis of confidence. We need to be more curious and challenge this data.” As featured in ExchangeWire’s article on The Times’ brand safety investigation, Ryan Kangisser shares the importance of tackling the issues head-on.

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10/02/17 / news

Musings from Super Bowl 51

Each year, Super Bowl comes around with just as much hype for the ads as there is for the actual game of football! The hype is generally focused on creative, but as advertising technology evolves, marketers are looking much more to use data driven insight to inform and tailor their communications

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01/02/17 / news

Deconstructing: What is DigiTrust?

Our #deconstructing series identifies the latest industry topics and interpret what they really mean. Today we break down DigiTrust, the industry collaboration that is about to revolutionise the digital advertising industry.

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19/12/16 / news

2017 – A Year of Action for Marketers

We expect 2017 to be a year of action as brands, agencies & technology companies take a much more proactive stance on the prevailing concerns around transparency, trust & the inherent complexity suffocating our industry.

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19/12/16 / news

2017 – A Year of Reflection for Agencies

We expect 2017 to be a year of reflection for media agencies as they address head on growing questions over the future of their current model and associated interdependencies.

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19/12/16 / news

2017 – A Year of Maturity for Tech Providers

In 2017, we expect the advertising & marketing technology companies to accelerate much more their outreach with marketers as they seek to establish deeper, more ‘institutional’ relationships.

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05/12/16 / press

2017 Will Be a Year of Action for Brands, Agencies & Technology Providers

2016 has been a fascinating year for the industry, best summed up as the ‘year of transparency’, as the ANA (alongside Facebook’s ‘inflate-gate’) helped to remind brands of the importance of transparency, and driving this throughout the entire media supply chain. Featured in ExchangeWire, Ryan Kangisser, founder and managing partner of ad tech and martech consultancy, Stack I/O explains, it has signalled a fundamental change in the way of working.

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24/10/16 / news

Re-defining transparency in digital media

As featured in ExchangeWire, this whitepaper explores the imbalance of transparency in the digital media ecosystem and sets out to develop expectations for what the new standard of transparency should be for brands and their agencies, media and tech partners.

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06/10/16 / news

Martin Brown speaks at Mediatel’s Automated Trading Debate

Stack I/O’s managing partner Martin Brown joined a panel of speakers from The Guardian, VCCP and Fetch at Mediatel’s Automated Trading Debate. The biggest revelations came from The Guardian; Hamish Nicklin, chief revenue officer disclosing the media owner only receives 30 pence of every pound spent programmatically.

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05/10/16 / press

dmexco: winners and losers

The dust has now firmly settled on an exhilarating few days in Cologne at the annual ad tech love-in, dmexco (or DMEXICO as many still seem to refer to it). Although beyond the grand spectacle, is our industry better for it? We have summarised a handful of the winners and losers we saw come out of this year’s dmexco.

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26/09/16 / news

Five questions marketers need to ask their media partners now

Ryan Kangisser, managing partner of Stack I/O, provides five key questions that marketers should take to their agencies if they want to gain greater transparency in their relationships.

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05/09/16 / press

Programmatic advertising brings opportunity to brands

Ryan Kangisser, managing partner at Stack I/O, adds his views to Raconteur’s piece on programmatic trading, and the reasons why some brands are hesitant to adopt the media buying method.

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28/07/16 / press

Even the Best Technology Will Be Held Back by Insufficient Capability: Q&A with Stack I/O

In an exclusive interview for ExchangeWire, Martin Brown & Ryan Kangisser share opinion on digitally-enabled marketing infrastructures and how the newly launched consultancy Stack I/O will help brands navigate the complex technology ecosystem. Read this article on exchangewire.com 

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Stack I/O 21/07/16 / news

MediaSense launches ad tech consultancy Stack I/O

Global media advisory firm MediaSense has launched the first specialist advertising and marketing technology consulting firm in Europe. Stack I/O opens in response to growing demand from clients for objective and transparent advice on building data-driven, technology-enabled marketing organisations. Stack …

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Does programmatic have a brand issue? 18/05/16 / press

Does programmatic have a brand issue?

Dan Brown, Senior Digital Advisor at Stack I/O, discusses the growth in programmatic branding, the challenges it still faces, whether these issues out-weigh the benefits and its importance to successful & effective brand campaigns. Read this article on 12ahead.com

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Ryan Kangisser 02/10/15 / press

Ryan Kangisser blogs on The Wall

It’s time for ad tech companies to shift their sell from describing the tech to demonstrating its performance and efficacy. Read this article on wallblog.co.uk

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AdvertisingAge 26/08/15 / press

Are clients sleepwalking into tech monopolies?

As published in AdAge, guest columnist Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner of Stack I/O, shares his opinion on the explosion in ad-tech and six ways that clients can protect and take control of their own. Read the article on AdAge

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