Our services are designed to equip brands with the most effective capabilities and fit-for-purpose technology solutions.

While the advancement in advertising and marketing technology presents an enormous opportunity to deliver a step change in marketing ROI, it is all too often seen as the panacea. Except even the best technology will only function properly with the right people and processes working harmoniously together. Stack I/O was developed to operate at this intersection to help brands bring together the very best people, process and technology to deliver data and technology driven acceleration.

We do this through a clear process of discovery, design and deployment, with ongoing support provided to ensure successful implementation.


Organisational design

Design and implement the optimal organisational model for data and technology driven acceleration

Capability assessment

Evaluation and enhancement of digital capabilities (internal/external) through a structured diagnostic and supporting education & tools

Partner search & selection

Capability-driven process assessment to identify the most suitable executional partners to deliver programmatic excellence


Technology strategy

Creating the most effective advertising and marketing technology architecture, configurable to the exact requirements of any business

Technology vendor selection

Identifying and evaluating fit-for-purpose technology solutions focussed on data management, programmatic buying, optimisation and analytics

Technology deployment

Implementing and configuring the relevant technology solutions to ensure seamless integration and adoption

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