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01/12/16 / press

STACK I/O and Transparent Media Partners announce Trans-Atlantic strategic alliance

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STACK I/O and Transparent Media Partners have announced a strategic alliance to help brands unlock the full potential of advertising and marketing technology, and to ensure transparency across their media supply chain.

The partnership launched to respond to clients need for a scalable partner to evaluate their global media buying, and respond to concerns around transparency and capability. The alliance creates an international footprint with the breadth of expertise to meet the growing needs of multinational brands. Together, STACK I/O and Transparent Media Partners will work to help marketers implement the right technology solutions, gain control of their data, improve efficiencies and ensure transparency across the entire marketing stack.

“The marketing and advertising sector is under-going a period of overwhelming change that is creating a wealth of high value opportunities for brands,” said Martin Brown, Managing Partner at STACK I/O. “To fully leverage these opportunities and avoid the pitfalls, brands need to take control of their technologies, data and digital media outputs. To do so, they need an expert, unbiased perspective around technology adoption, organizational design and process optimization.”

Stephanie Ridley, Founding Partner at Transparent, agrees that neutrality and exponential ROI are the key reasons why brands are attracted to the partnership. “With thousands of new technology platforms now available, it’s hard for marketers to make sense of it all,” Ridley said. “When brands work with us, they know they are getting a neutral ally because we don’t accept incentives from agencies or technology companies.  Additionally, we have a track record of returning working media dollars to brands by uncovering greater efficiencies and improving transparency.”

STACK I/O and Transparent Media Partners currently work with major CPG, retail and hospitality brands around the world. STACK I/O is based in London and Transparent is headquartered in Chicago.



STACK I/O is marketing technology consultancy which enables brands to realize the value of a well-executed, data-driven, technology-enabled marketing infrastructure. Our purpose is to empower brands to identify, evaluate and deploy the technology and capabilities they need to deliver sustainable value.

At whichever stage of their evolution, we deliver to brands configurable solutions focused on delivering value through change, reducing complexity and risk, creating greater utility and control, and ensuring end-to-end transparency.

STACK I/O ( is headquartered in London.


About Transparent Media Partners

Transparent Media Partners is a marketing technology consultancy that makes it safe and simple for brands to unlock the full potential of marketing technology. Transparent does this by familiarizing brands with the latest media technology, helping them establish direct relationships with providers and guiding the implementation and management of these technologies to ensure they take back control of their data.

Transparent Media ( is headquartered in Chicago.